Devices security measures legislation passed in Oregon


On May 30, 2019, Oregon Governor signed HB 2395 containing security measures required for devices that connect to the Internet and that are assigned an Internet Protocol address or another number that identifies the connected device.

The manufacturer shall equip the connected device with “reasonable security features”, which may consist of means for authentication from outside a local area network and compliance with federal law requirements that apply to security measures for connected devices.

“Reasonable security features” are all those means that protect the connected device and any information stored in it from “unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure that are appropriate for the nature and function of the connected device and for the type of information the connected device may collect, store or transmit.”

HB 2395 will become effective  January 1, 2020.


HB 2395 is available at…


For more information on how data privacy: Francesca Giannoni-Crystal and Federica Romanelli


Originally published on Technethics on July 2019


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